In terms of technology, the communication process has never been easier or better. The world is linked electronically for instant access.

Yet communications - direct communications between people - are still a major problem facing team leaders and probably always will be.

Communicating Up focuses on the upward communication important to productivity and performance.

Although important, this area is not one many people work to refine. Fortunately, you already have the skills to do so; they are the same ones used to communicate with team members. It's simply a matter of applying them to your manager.

To communicate effectively with your manager, you have to understand the manager's style and environment. Some prefer brief overviews, while others demand detail. Since you cannot change your manager, you have to adapt your own style to fit his or hers.

Regardless of your manager's style, you need to follow certain guidelines to communicate well. One key is to alert the manager of any problems or opportunities as soon as possible. Another is to take full responsibility to make sure that communication takes place.

In addition, you must remember today's work environment. Chances are your manager is busier than ever before and more in need of good advice and information. It's your job to help your manager make good decisions through your good communication skills.

Communication is still not enough. In fact, if you listen and do nothing, the situation may get even worse. Instead, you need to deal with the issue and solve the problem, if possible.

Program Description
Delivery Options: Classroom, Online, and Blended
Most managers and team leaders realize the importance of upward communication, but few accept the responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of communicating with their own managers. Managers and team leaders will learn how to frame communication so that a desired result is achieved.

Communicating Up is an interactive, 4-hour group workshop designed for 6-18 participants.

CU course versions available for classroom or online use.

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Communicating Up will enable managers and team leaders to:

Understand the importance of framing all communication with your manager in terms of his/her self-interest.

Enter meetings with your manager armed with a well-thought out and clearly stated objective.

Clearly link your objective with facts that support your plans and goals.

Work with your manager to uncover any questions or reservations he/she may have concerning your message.

Move conversations toward agreement with questions that focus on benefits to be gained when your objective is reached.

Clearly and concisely restate the decision that results from communicating with your manager and insure that this decision is mutually understood.

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