We at Janet Frazer and Associates provide a variety of services that include Leadership/Supervisory, Customer Service, Sales, Productivity, and Online training. We also provide customized training solutions to fit your organization's needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Leadership Training
Comprehensive and practical... that's what our participants and customer organizations regularly say about "The Supervision Series" curriculum.

Available Online, Classroom, and/or together in Blended learning solutions, don't miss this extraordinary leadership development curriculum!

All levels of management can benefit from this to-the-point toolkit of time-tested skills.

Customer Service Training
The "Winning Through Customer Service" program was the winner of the coveted "Top Ten Training Product" award by Human Resource Executive magazine.

WTCS focuses on the crucial role that communication skills play in every customer service transaction.

It is available in Online, Classroom, and Blended learning solutions.

Sales Training
"Customer-Oriented Selling" enables salespeople at all levels to use a proven sales methodology that drives revenue results.

COS focuses on the skills needed to put a customer's business issues and requirements at the center of the call and at the pivot point of every step in the sales process.

COS has proven to be effective across all industries for over 20 years.

Productivity Training
Our programs focus on building how to be more productive at work.

We provide the performance fundamentals that underpin the quick-start success of new and entry-level employees.

Our productivity programs include "Professionalism in the Office", "Achieving Communication Effectiveness", "Number Skills" - reducing number errors and improving speed, and "Proofamatics" - increasing speed and accuracy identifying errors in business documents.

Online Solutions
Whether you want to brush up on your own skills, or implement training across a global organization, we deliver training with a level of convenience, value and flexibility that makes obstacles to employee learning a thing of the past.

  • Vital-Online courseware is propelled by the same time-tested content and to-the-point video that's featured in the workshops.
  • Vital-Online solutions feature a high degree of interactivity that really engages adult learners.
  • Each online course contains interactive exercises and simulations, and assessment tools, including a pre- and post-test so that it's easy to measure knowledge acquisition.
  • Each online course contains similar material as the workshop upon which it is based.
  • All of the online courses can be used stand-alone or as part of a blended learning solution.
  • All of the online courses are available 24/7 for initial learning or just-in-time skill refreshment.

Creative Solutions Using ej4 Online Courses
Each ej4 business or personal online course can usually be completed in 10-20 minutes. Combine these courses with Vital Learning Online or Classroom courses building a powerful curriculum for success!.

Browse or Buy ej4 Online Courses for only $5.50.



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