Performance assessment is an important part of your efforts as a team leader. Regardless of a person's confidence or self-esteem, everyone needs feedback.

If you don't provide feedback, your team members will either get it from someone who does not understand the overall picture, or they will do self-assessments, and those are never very accurate.

Feedback is the way we make sure we are on track and doing the right thing. When we drive a car, we glance at the speedometer to make sure of our speed. We check signs to confirm our route. Without that feedback, we can get off track or get a ticket. Feedback takes a little time, but it is worth the effort, because it prevents small problems from getting bigger.

As a team leader, you need to adjust your performance assessment to the person's style. This might mean giving more reinforcement to one team member than to another. But every team member wants, and needs, to know what he/she is doing well and what he/she could improve.

A performance assessment is meant to help the team member and your organization. It is not a gripe session. Rather, it is an opportunity to reinforce the good things an individual has done and a time to identify any problem areas. Positive assessment is a great motivator.

An assessment is not a disciplinary session. It is an opportunity to build a team member's self-esteem by acknowledging what that individual is doing well. It is also a chance to eliminate any performance errors at an early stage. To be effective, performance assessment must be objective and fair. You are trying to discover why a problem exists, not pass judgments upon another person. You want to recognize good performance and correct poor performance.

Program Description
Delivery Options: Classroom, Online, and Blended
This module shows the way evaluation is done by the experts. First, relevant performance standards are established. Then the team member's own performance evaluation is solicited. This accomplished, the stage is set for a summary evaluation that will be clear and credible to the team member.

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Providing Performance Feedback will enable managers and team leaders to:

Base assessments on facts and behavior.

Assess performance.

Use positive feedback to motivate team members.

Gain team member participation in assessment.

Gain team member agreement with the assessment.

Gain team member commitment to the change needed to improve performance.

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