"Reorganization, new business strategies, new management. How can my department stay focused on the customer with all this change?"

Change has become an ever-present and important part of business today. Organizations that fail to change find it increasingly difficult to compete and survive in today's marketplace. But how do you keep employees focused on performance with all the distractions caused by change initiatives? How do managers deal with the emotions, fear and anxiety that come with change?

Supporting Change provides the tools managers need to understand and interpret change - in order to more successfully manage their team through it. By working to support change while addressing the team's comfort level with that change, the manager can more effectively facilitate acceptance of a new way of doing things.

Program Description
Delivery Options: Classroom, Online, and Blended
Supporting Change helps managers learn to understand and to interpret change. By understanding it, managers can more clearly communicate change to their team. This clear communication helps to reduce misunderstanding and anxiety. It also helps the change initiative gain acceptance more quickly - minimizing lost productivity and decreased performance. Throughout the workshop, managers will review video presentations and case studies, participate in group discussions, practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback. Managers leave with implementation tools, troubleshooting guides and additional resources to help them apply the skills they have learned on the job.

This 4-hour workshop is designed for 6-18 participants and includes the following:

  • Understanding the Three Phases of Change
  • Strategies for Supporting Change
  • Dealing with Rumors of Change
  • Reactions to Organizational Changes
  • Communicating Change

SC course versions available for classroom or online use.

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Supporting Change will enable team leaders and first-line managers to:

Understand why change happens, how people react to it, and how to support team member's struggles with change.

Involve team members in a change initiative by promoting their understanding and ownership of the change and its benefits.

Plan for individual or group follow-up sessions that support the change process and reinforce personal and organizational goals.

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