"My manager is located in another state, and most of the team works from home. How are we going to make sure work gets done - and done right?"

In today's business environment, with minimal face-to-face interaction and a focus on remote work relationships, good communication is more critical than ever. The ability to send clear, concise messages and listen effectively can mean the difference between successful business relationships and lost productivity.

Achieving Communication Effectiveness provides the tools needed to function more productively through improved interpersonal communication skills. After building a shared awareness of the value of effective communications, participants learn how to develop clear, concise messages that gain credibility, persuade and influence others, and increase efficiency.

Program Description
Delivery Option: Online
Achieving Communication Effectiveness helps individuals examine their personal communication patterns and construct more effective messages. Using tools and techniques to enhance listening skills and improve messages, individuals can develop stronger interpersonal relationships. Throughout the workshop participants will review video presentations, participate in group discussions, practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback. The day and a half workshop is designed for 14 - 20 participants and includes the following:

  • Laying the Foundation
    Examines the four elements of communication - a message, someone to send the message, someone to receive the message and the context within which the message occurs.
  • Building the Framework
    Focuses on the concepts and attitudes that influence effective communication.
  • Completing the Structure
    Participants work to identify their personal communication patterns, their effects on others, and develop solutions to barriers to effective communication.
  • Adding the Finishing Touches
    Provides insight into how to tailor messages to incorporate feelings and how to recognize the feelings of others.

ACE course versions available for classroom or online use.

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Achieving Communication Effectiveness will enable participants to:

Recognize the value of a good self-image in effective communication.

Assess personal communication patterns to avoid self-defeating behaviors.

Improve their ability to listen productively.

Identify and overcome barriers to effective listening and responding.

Improve messages by utilizing tools to add confidence and credibility and demonstrate support and empathy.

Handle conflict constructively.

Communicate effectively, and in a non-manipulative manner, to deal with different behaviors and situations.

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