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Delivery Option: Online

This interactive online skill builder allows for the analyzing of the skills and strategies used every day on the job, to identify techniques performed well, and develop ways to do even better. During this training, you will learn the guidelines for delivering customer focused service including understanding your role as a professional, the essential skills of communication � listening, questioning, verifying, explaining and a four-step customer service model.

Delivering Customer Focused Service is an interactive, online course lasting 45 minutes.

DCFS course versions available for classroom or online use.

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Delivering Customer Focused Service will enable customer service professionals to:

Describe the importance of professionalism to a customer service professional.

List characteristics associated with professionals that you can exhibit on the job.

Identify the professional characteristics you already exhibit on a regular basis, and the professional characteristics you need to develop or improve.

List action items, that if achieved, will improve your professionalism.

Describe the essential communication skills of listening, questioning, verifying, and explaining.

Effectively perform the four steps of the customer service process and know the essential communication skills in each of the four steps of the customer service process.

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