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Delivery Option: Online

This interactive online skill builder will provide you with techniques for dealing with difficult customer situations. Your role as a customer service professional offers many rewards and satisfactions. But there are many frustrations inherent in the job. During this training, you will learn general guidelines for dealing with difficult customer situations, two techniques for dealing with customers in such situations: calming and focusing, and then practicing what you have learned.

It is an interactive, online course lasting 45 minutes.

DWDC course versions available for classroom or online use.

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Dealing with Difficult Customers will enable customer service professionals to:

Demonstrate the calming and focusing techniques in a difficult customer situation.

Identify at least four clues that indicate the existence of a difficult customer situation.

Give two reasons why the use of the calming and focusing skills are important in dealing with difficult customer situations.

Describe the focusing techniques for dealing with upset customers.

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